For our 2030 developmental program, our vision is to provide young athletes the opportunity to grow on the field, develop skills in all positions and be taught the game of lacrosse! As a program, our overall focus is developing young women on and off the field. At a young age, we want our 2030 developmental players to love the game of lacrosse and enjoy the positive and energetic environment that our high level coaches have developed. We want girls at this age to love to practice the game of lacrosse with us and on their own! The Prime Time Girl’s program is known to be competitive at all ages, and by young athletes getting the opportunity to train and practice in the same environment as our older players, it provides a valuable platform of learning while developing an early love of the game of lacrosse! Through all teams and age levels, our coaching staff is a main reason for our success. We put a strong emphasis on teaching skills and the game of lacrosse the right way, while providing an energetic and fun environment for young athletes. High level coaching and training at it’s finest!

Fall Season (October & November):

  • 4 fall practices (Sundays) – at Onatru Farms Park (South Salem, NY)
  • 2 indoor training sessions (2 training sessions in fall) – at Athlete’s Warehouse (Pleasantville)

Winter Training (Optional):

  • This team will be encouraged to sign up for our winter training – 10 weeks of weekly training at Ophir Field House (Manhattanville College). One hour training session with Director’s Jackie Pierce & Stephanie Hopkins on Wednesday evenings. As a program, we focus on skill development – specifically stick work training, shooting, defense as well as incorporate small game-like situational drills.
  • Winter training will be an extra cost to players interested.

Spring/Summer Season: 

  • All players are encouraged to participate in their town rec leagues.
  • We will have 3 spring practices (during the months of March and April and we will work with schedules. Likely at Hackley or Manhattanville).
  • 6-8 Summer Practices in May & June (Hackley – tentative due to the pandemic and rental restrictions)
  • 1 Summer play day/tournament in June
  • If there is interest to do more – we are open to working with schedules and families!



FALL – $450 –    REGISTER TODAY – Fall 2030 Team

SPRING/SUMMER – $850   REGISTER TODAY – Summer 2030 Team 



    • The 2030 Developmental team has no cuts for the 2020-2021 season. Athletes from all towns in the Westchester/Rockland/Putnam/CT counties are encouraged to sign up.
    • We will have a cap on the number of players which will ensure the practice setting and allowing coaches to run successful practices with good numbers. 
    • By May 1st, we will select 22 players to represent the “Tournament Team” and attend one summer tournament event in June. This allows a smaller roster size, and our coaching staff will use the fall, winter and spring seasons to make their selection. **If we have high numbers at this age and interest, and a high number of sign ups and success, we are open to choosing two teams to include all players!
    • Young athletes in our area have the opportunity to perform in the same setting as our older club teams, by the same coaching staff and training that players in our area currently receive.